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The Kingsbury Boys of Osage, Iowa


Kingsbury Boys

Back Row: Joseph Bush, Frank Wayland, Orrin Dean; Front Row: Forrest Alva & Clark Walker

Thanks to Chris Pahud for this great picture of the Kingsbury boys of Osage Iowa. He estimates the picture was from 1904 or 1905 and I would agree. Clark, the youngest, was born in November 1903 and to me he looks somewhere between 18 to 24 months in this picture, which would date the picture to 1905. I am struck by the differences in their features and also how much Orrin Dean reminds me of my uncle, Preston Deane. I think Frank has more of the Bush family features.


Author: kakingsbury

I finally took the leap and started a blog in mid-March 2014. I currently maintain three blogs "All Things Kalen" "The Family Letter Blog" and "Trovando Famiglia." Trovando Famiglia is about my husband's family, particularly the original four Giorgio brothers who immigrated to western Pennsylvania from San Vito Chietino, Italy in the late 1800s. The Giorgio boys and their descendants have been the focus of my genealogical research over the past two years. The blog allows me to share family stories and photographs. Thanks for checking me out!

2 thoughts on “The Kingsbury Boys of Osage, Iowa

  1. Kalen, I am a great-granddaughter of Joseph B. Kingsbury, and a granddaughter of Frank Kingsbury. The people you mention in your blog are all well known to me primarily from my mother, Josephine (Frank’s oldest daughter.) I also remember the circulating letter which she helped maintain as older members of the family passed on. I remember meeting Doris and Paul with my Mom in Massachusetts, and Lisa, their daughter as well as the entire family once in the Amana colonies in Iowa when I think Lisa was a teenager. I was trying to get in touch with Lisa (I believe her last name is Clough) but do not have any contact information. If you do, I’d appreciate hearing from you how to contact her. All the stories you relate are so wonderful to read about people are so special. I also have the geneology that Uncle Forrest put together after his retirement from the University of Chicago in a time when he, of course, did not have access to computers or This is a very special blog and I am so glad I found it when I was Googling the Kingsbury family.


    • Marcia
      So nice to hear from you! My grandfather was very fond of your mother, his niece, Josephine. I’m so glad you found this blog. I am Facebook friends with Lisa so I will check to see if I have an e-mail address for her. You are correct that her last name is Clough.
      If you could send me an e-mail at I will send you whatever contact information I have for Lisa. I met her on a trip to New England that my father (Bryant) and I took with my grandfather (Joe) in1967.
      Last I remember your mother was living in California. It’s that where you live? My husband and I were in southern California from 1985 -1997 when we moved to Greensboro, NC.


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