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Kitty and Joe Kingsbury’s 1928 Wedding Announcement

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A bit of cutting and pasting and a legible version of the 1928 wedding announcement of Kitty and Joe’s wedding appears at the following link.  I know there’s a way to get the image to appear on the screen, rather than requiring you to click on the link to read it, but what that way is escapes me at the moment and my real job beckons.


I’ll have to find the letter but in some of Kitty’s and Joe’s pre-wedding correspondence it seemed that Joe was having trouble coming up with enough groomsmen to match how many attendants Kitty originally wanted in the wedding (a problem modern brides can relate to). That is why I was surprised to learn that there was only a maid of honor (Kitty’s friend Gretchen Campbell) and a matron of honor – Mrs. George Sherriff (Lois).  George Sherriff is the brother of Helen Sherriff who married Joe Kingsbury’s brother Dean in 1917. Although it is possible, it would seem an odd coincidence that Kitty Bryant was friends with Lois independently of Joe’s connection to the Sherriff family.  Maybe the Sherriff and Bryant families – both long-time Washington DC residents – knew each other and maybe that was how Joe met Kitty.

I’ve also learned from this announcement that Kitty’s younger brother Herbert (5 years her junior) might have attended college in Madison Wisconsin, since that is listed as his residence. I know he was a journalist but in all census reports I’ve reviewed, he is living in the Washington DC home of his parents, Bert and Lala.

It seems unlikely that if there were other bridesmaids they wouldn’t be named in the article so I am really curious now to find out about the connection between the Sherriff and Bryant families and how the other  ushers – Frank Danforth and Henry Wheeler (of Newport Rhode Island) were connected to Kitty and Joe. As usual, new discoveries yield new mysteries, but that’s what makes it fun.


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