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I’m determined to learn more about the ins and outs of blogging this year so I signed up for Blogging 101 an online course for new bloggers sponsored by WordPress. I will split my response to each day’s assignment between this blog and the one I began last March that is devoted to my husband’s Italian ancestors and their stories:

So who am I and why am I here?
This blog is inspired by the Kingsbury Family letter as explained in my first post on January 2, 2015 “Resolutions and New Beginnings.”
I’ve been doing family history research for the past two years. The hobby began as a way to cope with an empty nest when my youngest left for college in 2011.
I started two blogs in 2014, but they each had a narrow focus and I needed a new blog to capture ALL family history – not just my husband’s Italian roots and not just my civil war ancestors’ stories –

So here’s my newly minted Family Letter Blog – Connecting Generations. I’m lucky to be part of a wonderful family that has a well-documented family tree thanks to my great uncle Forrest Kingsbury. Through Facebook I’ve recently reconnected with Kingsbury cousins in my generation and the younger generation, which just added its newest member in December 2014 (Welcome to a wonderful world Grayson Michael Kingsbury!)

I’ve also inherited my grandfather’s letters that cover most of the 20th century.It is a daunting task to compile them in a meaningful, permanent way. Of course I could take all the time I spend learning to blog and focus on organizing my own collection of family documents and memorabilia. There’s a lot of material to compile and there are only so many hours in a day. So why do I blog?

To me, the whole point of a family is to be part of something bigger than yourself. I hope that someone, somewhere will read something I write and find a connection. Maybe through the information I provide, they will learn something they didn’t already know about the Kingsbury family (or the Preston, Bryant, Broski, Hubbard, Jenkins, Powell, Swan, or Bush families – to name just a few.)
I also hope that someone reading this blog will have information to share that I don’t have and that they will take the time to leave a comment and share what they know. That way I can learn new things about my family and form new connections.

I guess you could say it’s a circle of life kind of thing. That’s why I blog.


Author: kakingsbury

I finally took the leap and started a blog in mid-March 2014. I currently maintain three blogs "All Things Kalen" "The Family Letter Blog" and "Trovando Famiglia." Trovando Famiglia is about my husband's family, particularly the original four Giorgio brothers who immigrated to western Pennsylvania from San Vito Chietino, Italy in the late 1800s. The Giorgio boys and their descendants have been the focus of my genealogical research over the past two years. The blog allows me to share family stories and photographs. Thanks for checking me out!

One thought on “WordPress Blogging 101

  1. Hi, Kalen! I’m in Blogging 101 also!
    I’ve been talking about blogging for several months, and a friend from Bible Study challenged me to do it (she’s a professional blogger). I think this is the next place where God wants to use my journey through depression for Him. I’ve had the privilege to lead a depression support group through my church, but I think this is to help me through the process of moving – another way to use my depression to point folks to Christ as I go through the relocation from WI to FL.
    Anyway, I’m a brand newbie, so I’m still trying to figure out tags and themes and all-stuff-blogging!
    And I sure enjoy what I’m learning from the Family Letter and Facebook Messenger.
    If you’re interested, my blog is

    See you soon!


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